• Develop & deliver a Design Concept for new & existing properties

  • Paint Consultation

  • Decorating whole home & office

  • Room Layouts

  • Interior re-design

  • Fabric Selection

  • Furniture Selections

  • Personal Shopping

  • Window Treatments

  • Wallpaper

  • Faux Painting

  • Artwork

  • Built-Ins

  • Custom Designed Furniture

  • Area Rugs

  • Light Fixtures

  • Accessories

1.Briefing - In order to come up with just the right design solution , we first try to understand you, your environment, what you do, how are you going to use that space, what is the kind of experience you are looking for. Together with your site evaluation, this forms the base for designs we make.

2.Property assessment /site evaluation- We assess everything from shape, size and square footage to safety, security and IT to ensure we design a user friendly space that’s right for you.

3. Space planning - We help you in saving thousands of Rupees through our Space   planning. We identify areas that are under-utilized and advise on how best to use that space,      making the most of what you have.

4. Idea, Design & drawings - We translate everything we’ve learned about you in the first stage of Briefing into novel ideas and drawings – crafting a new story of around your space.

5. Budgeting 

6.  3D visualisation - After our concepts are approved, we make 3D drawings so that you get an idea on the exact look & feel of the design.

7. Working drawings - Once everything has been planned, designed and approved, we deliver detailed working drawings prepared through CAD for  project execution.

 SpaceMaze will assist with the following: